Saturday, May 24, 2008


Libertarian Debate

Going on right now on C-SPAN.

Quick thoughts -

I don't think I would vote for Gravel (he's implicitly told Libertarians the government is the answer a few times); Phillies voice will turn off voters; Jingozian speaks better, but amazingly looks dissheveled - seriously the man needs a haircut.

So I think the nominee will come from the pool of Ruwart, Kubby, Root and Barr.

I think I prefer Root.

10:29 - Gravel asserting positive liberties as critical (if you're hungry, you're not free). Another example of why I can't vote for him.

10:40 - DOMA is just a wee bit uncomfortable for Barr

See Jacqueline Passey for an extensive link roundup.


Monday, May 19, 2008


Upcoming Bacchanalia in the Area

This is perhaps only of interest to me (and is really just convenient bookmarking for me) but the following are opportunities to get your drink on in the Lynchburg area.

June 14,15 Blue Ridge Tasting Tour

July 5,6 Wine Down the Music Trail

July 12, Horse & Hound Festival (Preethi's favorite)

August 2,3 Son of Blue Ridge Tasting Tour

August 9 MicroFestivus

October 11-12, Garlic Festival


Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Update on the Darth Mauling

Following up on this post, Arwel Wynne (dressed as Darth Vader) avoided jail time for his assault on the founder of the Jedi Religion in the UK. I assume using his amazing mind powers.

Also of note from the article:

In the 2001 United Kingdom census, 390,000 people - 0.7 per cent of the
population - listed Jedi as their religion.

They are not alone - 20,000 Canadians also listed their religion as
Jedi in 2001.

Question: How many Flying Spaghetti Monster adherents in the US do you think there are? I've at least seen FSM "fish" on cars, but never any Jedi paraphenalia.



Saturday, May 10, 2008


Payday Loans for Businesses

On Thursday, I had a couple folks from a bank drop in for an unannounced visit.1 They were partly there just for introductions, but were specifically interested in presenting a product of theirs where I could sell them my 30 or 45-day invoices to get cash sooner.

I instantly thought of the payday loan analogy (though said nothing along those lines) and found it interesting how successful products have a tendency of trying to seek out new markets.

1. Unannounced visits are always somewhat embarrassing as I'm not much of one for appearances when I'm working at my office. (think ratty t-shirt, even rattier jeans, and a 2-3 day beard) It saves me a little time every day, and I can get away with it because all of my customers are out-of-town.



Friday, May 09, 2008


Obama's secret imperialistic plans

He let's the cat out of the bag - when Obama's President, there will be 57 states!

More than likely, he was just tired and meant to say 47 states. But I think this is the funniest campaign moment since the Huck-Chuck facts.

1) I just found out that Chuck is in town tomorrow. (Liberty commencement speaker)

2) The jokes write themselves:
See, Obama, this is why you wear the flag on your lapel. If you're on the stump and forget how many states there are, just look down and count the stars.

No, there's not a unique flavor of ketchup for every state.

It turns out that it's not dead people voting that explains Cook county.

That's ok, Texas is really big. We can count it a few times.

After his most recent gaffe, Obama announced the newest member of his campaign - the Count.

Well Obama did say he was the candidate of change.


Sunday, May 04, 2008


Silverman, Obama, Clinton mashup

It may not be appropriate for work, but when has that stopped me from linking?


Saturday, May 03, 2008


Free Comic Book Day

is today. You can find your nearest participating store here.

I missed out on cone day (there's not a B&J in Lynchburg and even the Blacksburg store wasn't participating this year).


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