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Saturday, May 24, 2008


Libertarian Debate

Going on right now on C-SPAN.

Quick thoughts -

I don't think I would vote for Gravel (he's implicitly told Libertarians the government is the answer a few times); Phillies voice will turn off voters; Jingozian speaks better, but amazingly looks dissheveled - seriously the man needs a haircut.

So I think the nominee will come from the pool of Ruwart, Kubby, Root and Barr.

I think I prefer Root.

10:29 - Gravel asserting positive liberties as critical (if you're hungry, you're not free). Another example of why I can't vote for him.

10:40 - DOMA is just a wee bit uncomfortable for Barr

See Jacqueline Passey for an extensive link roundup.


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