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Friday, May 09, 2008


Obama's secret imperialistic plans

He let's the cat out of the bag - when Obama's President, there will be 57 states!

More than likely, he was just tired and meant to say 47 states. But I think this is the funniest campaign moment since the Huck-Chuck facts.

1) I just found out that Chuck is in town tomorrow. (Liberty commencement speaker)

2) The jokes write themselves:
See, Obama, this is why you wear the flag on your lapel. If you're on the stump and forget how many states there are, just look down and count the stars.

No, there's not a unique flavor of ketchup for every state.

It turns out that it's not dead people voting that explains Cook county.

That's ok, Texas is really big. We can count it a few times.

After his most recent gaffe, Obama announced the newest member of his campaign - the Count.

Well Obama did say he was the candidate of change.


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