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Saturday, May 10, 2008


Payday Loans for Businesses

On Thursday, I had a couple folks from a bank drop in for an unannounced visit.1 They were partly there just for introductions, but were specifically interested in presenting a product of theirs where I could sell them my 30 or 45-day invoices to get cash sooner.

I instantly thought of the payday loan analogy (though said nothing along those lines) and found it interesting how successful products have a tendency of trying to seek out new markets.

1. Unannounced visits are always somewhat embarrassing as I'm not much of one for appearances when I'm working at my office. (think ratty t-shirt, even rattier jeans, and a 2-3 day beard) It saves me a little time every day, and I can get away with it because all of my customers are out-of-town.



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