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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Hope is on the way.

Jody seems concerned about a coming hit to the economy; I bring a message of hope: CivAnon. With their straightforward motto (No More Turns), heartwarming testimonials from fellow sufferers, and 12 step program, these guys may be able to help not just Jody, but America. Be sure to click the "Learn the Truth About Civilization" link for a confession from someone surprising. I knew he had an addictive personality, but I never thought he had the concentration for a turn-based game...not to mention trouble with managing insurgencies.

Civilization Anonymous.

Update: How could I forget this Open Letter to Paul Bremer with life lessons from Civilization? Answer: I couldn't. Highlight:
First, quell the resisters! Install a military force with strong units such as the Knight, Pikeman, or Hoplite. If you have not created a Barracks in Baghdad, I suggest doing that, too. Subsequent military units built there will begin as Veterans. (We don't want Regular Swordsmen going into Tikrit, do we? I didn't think so.) Obviously you should Fortify (Ctrl-F) your forces if you haven't done so already.


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