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Friday, March 11, 2005


Smarch Madness

As a combination of rain and snow falls outside (Lousy Smarch weather) and as my Hokies go down to a crushing defeat to the Yellow Jackets, thoughts naturally turn to the NCAA tournament (not my thoughts - ed... quiet you).

Of course without a team in the tourney, it's only fun to watch(I like to watch - ed...) if you're in a basketball bracket. So this year Polyscifi has put together its first annual yahoo (read as free) tournament pick'em league.

To play, you'll need a yahoo id (which is free), the group number - 23853, and the group password - polyscifi.

The winner of the league will receive a signed copy of the polyscifi artwork of their choice (So you think others prize your "art?" -ed Hey, we're a low budget site, and it's all we have.)

It's good fun, relatively low maintenance, and if you're not playing along in the polyscifi group, it'll be harder to follow the gratuitous smack talk which tends to accompany these low zero stakes contests...


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