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Monday, December 13, 2004


"Faithless" Elector

In Minnesota, one of the electors apparently voted for John Edwards for President instead of John Kerry. (link h/t Captain's Quarters) (Note: site requires lengthy registration process. Feel free to use the following login and password - login: polyscifi password: polyscifi)

Oh, it apparently wasn't a political statement - that might even be kinda cool (even though that would've been my guy getting screwed). However, chalk this faithless elector up to incompetence...

No one claimed credit for the Edwards vote. Several electors said they suspected that someone unconsciously mixed up the two Johns on the ticket rather than purposefully made a political statement.

``If it was meant to be a protest-type vote I would be upfront and say `This is how I voted,' said elector Frank Simon of Chaska. ``It doesn't seem like anyone is coming forth to say that.''

Oh, the jokes that could be had at the expense of the Democratic party in Minnesota...
Of course the ballot design and the choice of electors had something to do with it... Or maybe we should just rethink that whole stupid party/evil party divide.

Anyways add your own jibe at Minnesota, the Dem party, the dumbass elector or whatever else you think is appropriate in the comments and we'll have a contest of sorts with some sort of prize (somehow the traditional polyscifi prize seems dated, so I'll come up with something new).

And we'll even announce the winner next week! (nudge nudge Thason)

I hadn't noticed this part. Life certainly is funny...
One of the 10 handwritten ballots cast for president carried the name of vice presidential candidate John Edwards (actually spelled "Ewards" on the ballot) rather than Kerry.
So technically, the vote isn't even for John Edwards...


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