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Thursday, September 30, 2004


Two Men Enter, One Two Men Leave: Liveblogging the Debate - Jody

Like we did for Badnarik's visit, Thason and I liveblogging the debate at my place. While vodkapundit drinks during the debate (a good idea), Thason and I are limited to pizza and wings. But if I didn't have a report to get out later tonight...

Also note Thason has a bit of a headache (though it's not a tumor!) so he might be joining late.

Hopefully, we'll get some moments like the ones in this clip.

Pizza's not here yet. Debate's going to begin in just a moment. I question the timing.

Chris Wallace just used the phrase "Let's get ready to rumble!"

Cici just said that she thinks Bush should downplay the testosterone to win swing voters. I thought "swing" voters liked testosterone.

Leher is laying out the ground rules. He said for each question, candidates will have only two minutes to respond. I think the field would be more tilted in Bush's favor if the limit was only one answer per question.

I hear Kerry thinks he's better.

Lights do come on. Cool.

Bush is doing a good job of subtly needling. America knows where I stand. I will say that Kerry's speaking was more polished in his first answer, but I liked Bush's answer better, but then again I'm partial.

Bush pushed the women in Afghanistan angle again. - smart.

Kerry calls Bush dumb. sorta. Anyways, both candidates seem to be repeating their stump arguments. Kerry's strictly not answering their questions. Kerry hit on "outsourcing" - smart.

Kerry just called the Bush alliance as not a true alliance. Not so smart. Saying we're pushing aside our allies. Bringing out the "why are we spending money on Iraq?" line.

Fox is showing Kerry's response. Whoa! Shame on you Fox (snicker). Bush is questioning Kerry's answers with Kerry's words. - smart. Doing a good job defending his decision to go to work.

Pizza just showed up. I question the timing. Thason is praying to the porcelin gods at the moment. But he'll be back blogging momentarily. A real trooper.

Bush apparently has a prepared statement on Kerry flip flopping and not being a good leader. Kerry also set himself up again on the allies. It's going be sweet when Bush calls him on it.

Kerry's still equating firehouses with Iraqi firehouses. Not good. Unsecured nuclear material - better.

Bush made the offense not defense argument again. It's a good point.

Tough question for Bush - under what criteria would troops come home? Dodged the question. Oh, came back to it. Wants to see Iraq take over. When Iraq says is ready to defend herself, has held elections.

Misquotes Kerry's six month quote. Was "start to bring them home in 6 months of being elected". Doesn't really change the point, but it isn't accurate.

Kerry got the "help is on the way" line correct (The nonsensical "hope is on the way" at the DNC)

Wow Bush is having fun with Kerry's lines. Kerry made his first good response to the $87 billion - I may have made a mistake when I spoke, but Bush made a mistake in his actions, which is worse?

Kerry's hitting allies again. other good points though (but I've heard the Mexico line before)

I think Bush is being wise by continuing to hit the "wrong war, wrong time, wrong place" so how would people. Bush finally called Kerry on dishonoring the allies on coerced and bribed. Kerry also mentioned that he would've transferred authority to the UN. I don't know if anyone caught that, but if that can be played on TV, Kerry has lost the election.

I think the debate has settled into a loggerhead. 30 minutes in.

Kerry just dissed Australia. Grrr.

Damn. Bush is up on Kerry's words and is crucifying Kerry with them.

Another planned statement - "The only thing consistent about my opponent's position is that he's been inconsistent."

Leher misspoke and said 10,000 deaths and then revised to 1,000. Helps Bush immensely as it puts 1,000 deaths into perspective.

Bush turned the "Was Iraq worth it even with the casualties?" into a soft ball. Hitting on the freedom line, personalizing his response. Very very good response. Uh OH!! First overlimit flash - and it goes to Bush!

Kerry's "want to make the outcome noble" is a good line. Constantly hitting on summit is a bad idea.

johnkerry.com DRINK!!!
Wrong war, wrong place wrong time!!! DRINK!!! Bush over again.

kerry went over. And I thought that if you broke something in pottery barn, you bought it, not you fix it. So by pottery barn rules, we now own Iraq? Was that what the $87 billion was for?

Kerry called Bush on the previously noted misquote. Mispronounced fallujah.

Bush is calling Kerry on Allawi. Highlighting Lockhart's puppet comment. Emphasizing consistency. Very important message for an incumbent to push. Bush flash number 3. Next time buzzer fun!!!

Bush is playing a little fast with the rules making it more of a debate than a joint press conference.

Very good question from Leher on whether or not we'll have to preemptively strike again. Says last resort again. Bad. Kerry will be all over that. Emphasizes Libya. Smart. Emphasizing consistency again. Smart.

Kerry is talking about Saddam not being the enemy. The 35 to 40 countries with more advanced nuvlear programs is stupid cause you have to count U.K., Russia, and so on to get that number. But Kerry won't be called on that.

The DeGaulle point (while not new) is a good one.

Kerry's Bushism - "I've been fighting for proliferation"

Bush is bringing out the ICC. Smart. Though I would've hammered on Kyoto. Not making this point well. Right idea on the response, but poorly executed.

Bush is doing a good job reminding of how we got to where we are in N.K. Kerry's going to come back with the bilateral if this site is anything to judge.

If Bush knows his stuff, he's going to smack Kerry on his N.K. and Iran response.

Leher's asked a good question on Darfur. Why aren't we doing something in Darfur. Used the phrase backdoor draft. I know that's a bad move on Kerry's part, but I doubt that the larger public does.

I should focus more on Darfur, but just can't. I wonder if the rest of the US feels the same.

Bush did a pretty good job with the character question (which could've gone very very badly) and then got back onto his consistency message.

Kerry's doing a good job on the character question. Kerry's responding to the consistency critiques with a certainty.

We've got 8 people on the site right now. That's a record for us! Wow.

Kerry just said he wanted to end another defense weapon program. What will Bush respond with?

I thought nuclear proliferation would be bad for Bush, but he's doing a reasonably good job. Bush is pushing missle defense.

Bush, why aren't you hitting Kerry on cutting defense programs? Where's Cheney when you need him?

Asking Bush on Putin. Good line of response from Bush. Emphasizing importance need for checks and balances. Highlighting Beslan is smart too. Calls Putin "Vladimir" good way to note personal relationship.

Kerry's making a good point on just because Bush says it can't be done, doesn't make it so.

Did Kerry just concede that Iraq was a threat?

Kerry's making a good closing statement. Emphasizing security. VIETNAM!!!!!

Bush got lucky to give the last word. Doing a very good job of describing what he'll do in his next term. And doing a very good job of delivering the closing. Maybe not past his bedtime.


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