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Saturday, February 14, 2009


How things change

Those who knew me in undergrad as that guy who never came to class and played StarCraft all day (or Civ or WarCraft or one of several other games) might find this post surprising, but those who've interacted with me over the last several years (and /or seen the blogging rate drop off) won't be.

Me, I think I'll have to appropriate "work-a-holic force-of-nature" to my sig.

And for a little context to that post, on the day I met with Ashwin, I (in approximate order of completion):

Of course, other stuff was also done (like dropping in on Thason, driving for 3 hours and shopping some). But that day started at 5:00 AM and finished by 8:00 PM, which is a bit lax as I could've gotten some more stuff done (patents to file, papers to write / review) before I went to sleep at 11:00.

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