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Monday, December 08, 2008


An early New Year's Resolution

If the Big 3 get bailed out, I won't be buying another car from them (new or used).

To date, I've driven a Chevy (Lumina) and a Ford (Escort) and I previously had the intention of continuing to drive "American" cars (and will sometimes privately tout the quality of Fords over the last 10 years) and will likely buy a new car next year. This means that the resolution nominally has some teeth.

Why do this?

Besides the fact that the bailout (and all of the bailouts) pisses me off1, I figure the best way to prevent this from occuring again in the future is to hasten their demise and the only tool available to me is to not buy anything else from them.

A consistency check of sorts - I also do not bank with any of the bailed out banks, as I do all of my banking via local banks. However, this move preceded the bail out.

1. Besides the fact that it's a straight up wealth tranfer from productive uses to non-productive uses, this is a textbook Austrian recession (popping of speculative bubbles created by an extended periods of too easy credit) and treating it like a Keynesian recession (money irrationally sitting on the sidelines) is going to make things worse.


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