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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The Election Returns Drinking Game!

This is an incomplete framework based on input I got from students of mine. Not all of the ideas are original, and I welcome your contributions

Central Rules:

When a state is declared for your Presidential candidate: Drink!

When a state flips from its result in 2004: Everyone drinks! Pursuant to the previous rule, when a state flips to your candidate, you drink twice! (Sorry, McCain voters...)

If you're looking for volume, extend these rules to House and Senate returns, gubernatorial returns, town council and dog-catcher returns, and anything else that'll get you drunk. If that's what you want, I suggest you try Samuel Jackson beer. It'll get you drunk!

Other Suggested Rules:

Make a list of election coverage catchphrases and have everyone pick one at the start of your election returns party.

Whenever a pundit says your phrase: Drink!

Whenever a pundit of a political persuasion to yours says your phrase: Drink twice! (Try CNN for this. They'll have 85 million people doing their election coverage.)

I guess you could have everyone pick a commentator.

When you see your commentator on the television: Drink!

Know when to say when, people. Keep those ideas coming!

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