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Thursday, October 02, 2008


McCain, the Bailout, and my disgust

What little credibility / attractiveness as a candidate McCain had with me is now lost.

His major claims for what he'll do in office is 1) He'll fight earmarks (as a proxy for corruption), 2) He'll veto bad bills, with a particular eye toward vetoing spending bills. Fight fight fight, principles and all that.

Yesterday, he voted for what I believe to be a very bad plan, which was furthermore absolutely larded with earmarks.


Because he thought it was more important to pass a bill than fight the earmarks / spending.

So when the chips were down and McCain had claimed a leadership position on the issue, what did he do? He abandoned his principles. Which means I can't trust that he'll fight spending or earmarks.

The only differences I see between Obama and McCain is that while Obama promised to deliver me sh*t, McCain actually has experience delivering me sh*t.

Obama will be bad for free speech (see Missouri), but McCain wrote McCain-Feingold.

Obama wants to import an underclass to shift the US from an Anglosphere nation to a Latin country, but McCain wrote McCain-Kennedy.

Obama will move the Supreme Court to the left, but McCain led the Gang of 12.

Obama will trash what little Constitutional limits on the federal power are left, but yesterday, McCain voted for a spending bill that originated in the Senate that had the ostentatious purpose of mandating mental health coverage (commerce clause).

Obama may not know squat about the economy (see capital gains tax cut for small businesses), but McCain benched Graham.

Fred 08.


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