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Friday, September 05, 2008


Jennifer Government, meet Chad Ocho Cinco

So, the reports are that the NFL has issued the new jersey. (This notwithstanding the fact that they haven't made the change on their website.) The Bengals home page has made the change on their official roster. So has Yahoo. So where could this possibly still be a controversy?

That's right - those nerds on Wiki...I mean, those Wikipedians. Note that for true and representative entertainment, I've linked to the Talk page and not the article.


This is for those of you who scratched your head at the title. Don't worry - I haven't read it either.

(No, it's not ironic that I grabbed a Wikipedia page to explain things. Move along, nothing to see here.)


BALTIMORE (AP)—Chad Johnson has changed his name, but his jersey remained the same Sunday.

The Cincinnati Bengals receiver legally changed his name from Chad Johnson to Chad Ocho Cinco, but the NFL decided against allowing him to put his name on his jersey.

“While the NFL has recognized the legal name change of Chad Johnson to Chad Ocho Cinco, the league informed the Bengals today that certain issues remain to be resolved before Ocho Cinco will be permitted to wear his new surname on his jersey,” the league said in a statement.

“He will wear the name Johnson on his jersey today and will be referred to as Chad Johnson on the official play-by-play sheet,” the statement said. “Further questions should be directed to the league office.”

Contacted Sunday by The Associated Press, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said, “He has a financial obligation to Reebok, which produces the jerseys available to fans. That has to be resolved before the on-field jersey can be changed.

“The same obligation exists for any player that changes his number or name."

So there it is: money does make the world go 'round


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