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Thursday, April 03, 2008


Why I'll be one the first up against the wall when the revolution comes

I remember too much.

Like this earlier study from 2002 which "proved" exactly the same thing as this more recent study. Both claim that there's been no scientific study that recommends 8 glasses of water a day and no recommendation by any governmental body to that effect (that's how ABC read it last night).

Except while googling down the memory hole today (a problem with remembering things that everyone else seems to have forgotten is you're always wondering if you're going crazy), I stumbed across this (pdf).

For adults whose energy expenditure and environmental exposure are average, the
Food and Nutrition Board recommends 1 ml of water per kilocalorie expenditure
(or, at 237 ml per eight fluid ounces, 4.2 glasses per 1,000 kilocalories) as a
general guideline for total water consumption.

Hmmm. On a 2,000 kilocalorie diet, that's about 8 glasses of water per day.

(FYI, that's referenced to "2. National Research Council. 1989. Food and Nutrition Board. National Academy of Science, National Academy Press, Washington, DC.")


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