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Friday, December 28, 2007


It must be global cooling

A little bit ago when I tangentially commented1 that I think global warming catastrophism is a Marxist scam, commentors pointed to the shrinking ice caps2. For those who belief in global warming is strongly influenced by the media's sensationalist coverage of the northern ice melt, let me point out a little fact (an inconvenient truth?).

Right now, we have significantly more global sea ice than is normal for this time of year. Globally, we're a full 1 million square km of sea ice above where we should typically be this time of year.

Here's the complete satellite trend (from 1979). (both graphics originally from here)

It's not the all-time highest deviation above normal for global sea ice. But it is the largest positive deviation from the daily norm since 2003 and completely undoes the preceding (and much-hyped) negative trend. Sure it's just a temporary fluctuation and we'll likely be back down to normal levels in a few months, but if global sea ice can rebound so far so fast, it seems to me that the large negative deviation earlier this year wasn't such a big deal.

Who wants to bet on this year's relative peak in the global sea ice anomaly getting similar coverage in the nightly news media as this year's relative trough?

1. The main points of that post was how undeserving of a subject matter global warming was for a Nobel Peace Prize (not that I hold the award in that high of esteem) and how undeserving Gore was in particular.
2. As I noted at the time, the Southern ice cap was significantly larger than normal while the Northern ice cap was indeed much smaller. Thus saying "polar" ice caps were at an all time low was misleading.


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