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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Something got lost in the poll

So I took this quiz which has been bouncing around the net, and it says Mitt's my man with Ron Paul in second (see below), which I guess does a decent first-order job of reflecting my views except that Mitt's signature governing accomplishment is RomneyCare which I think is an abomination. But where's Fred? or Richardson? or Biden? or Huckabee? Did they pop up for anyone else taking the test?

I think leaving off Huck is a big mistake. I mean just wait until Chuck Norris and Ric Flair get wind of this. Wooooo.

Ultimate 2008 Presidential Candidate Matcher
Your Result: Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney was the governor of Massachusetts, where he was known as a centrist. He reformed the state healthcare system, and would pursue reforms at the national level as well. Romney supports oil drilling in Alaska, but also alternative energy sources. He claims to be conservative on issues like abortion and gay civil unions, and he supports the Iraq war. Romney supports fair trade, as well as a greater focus on math and science in our schools.

Ron Paul
Rudy Guiliani
John McCain
John Edwards
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Dennis Kucinich
Ultimate 2008 Presidential Candidate Matcher
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