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Friday, September 07, 2007


A programming hypothesis

Admittedly formed after poking around with it for an hour and still not being able to run someone else's code, but I still think the following insight is valid:

A programmer's love of Python is approximately equal to his love of Linux.

I hate Linux. But I know lots of people who swear by Python (as opposed to swear at). They're all Linux enthusiasts.

(Background: The first time I did it, it took me 30 seconds to figure out how to make a nice looking GUI in Matlab. 1 minute to use MFC classes in C++. 1 minute to make a GUI in Java. I can't even run someone else's Python compiled GUI because I can't find out what I need to tell Python to make the code/modules readable. The fact that I had to go out and find modules also annoys me to no end. I'm also annoyed that the little I have poked around with coding in Python has revealed all sorts of annoying inefficiencies - like how it handles loops. Seriously, having to copy anything rather than passing by reference rubs me the wrong way. Cycles count. Memory matters. Now I know why Civ4 is such a slow, buggy, memory-hogging monster.)


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