Saturday, August 26, 2006


That's not a knife

That's a knife.


Monday, August 21, 2006


A rougher neighborhood

Mote/beam and all that.

While residents of Cincinnati are stealing baby Jesus, we've got a gunman running around campus shooting people.

From a fark thread: "I thought Marcus Vick wasn't coming back."

Live blogging
While lacking any kind of first hand information other than being a Tech student, I am at the "center" of today's news , so I thought I would live blog it, but you'll have to click to read it.


(1:30) Sitting at Thason's house working on presentation slides.

(1:45) Trivia practice called off. Back to presentation slides.

(2:00) Sitting at Thason's house working on presentation slides.

(2:30) Sitting at Thason's house working on presentation slides.

(3:00) Sitting at Thason's house working on presentation slides.

(3:30) Sitting at Thason's house working on presentation slides.

(3:45) CNN is reporting that he was caught. Back to working on presentation slides.

Stay tuned for gripping live coverage of the Hokie escaped from the Pokie...


Sunday, August 20, 2006


A rough neighborhood

My brother and an unrelated friend of mine both recently moved to Cincinnati. At some point, I'm supposed to go there for an interview, but it looks like it's a pretty rough town.

Thiefs stole baby Jesus, again.

You know, stealing baby Jesus makes baby Jesus cry...


Saturday, August 19, 2006


Fantasy Football

As I do every year, I've set up some yahoo fantasy football leagues.

Two are the same as lastI've set up two yahoo (read as free) fantasy football leagues. One's a normal fantasy league. The other is a reverse fantasy league where you get points for your players screwing up (fumbles, incompletions, giving up a lot of points on defense). Basically the worse your players are, the more points you'll score. A pretty straight forward concept.

We're also starting a keeper league (also free) where we'll work out the mechanism for the number of players to carry over, draft order, and what to do if teams drop out.

For those who played last year, scoring in the keeper and normal league are both the same as last year's normal league. For the reverse league, kicker and receiver scoring were adjusted in the hopes that the league won't devolve into another running back, quarterback, and defense league.

If you're interested in playing, you'll need a yahoo id (it's free) and the following info:

Normal League
League ID#:222170
League Name:Polyscifi
Draft Time: Sat Sep 2 3:00pm EDT

Reverse League
League ID#:222207
League Name:Reverse Polyscifi
Draft Time: Sun Sep 3 3:00pm EDT

Keeper League
League ID#:222218
League Name:Polyscifi Keeper
Draft Time:Sat Sep 2 5:00pm EDT

The draft times may change based on what time is convenient for the league participants and the leagues are capped at 20 teams.


Dissertation submitted to my committee

With the dissertation submitted, I'll break my blogging hiatus (for the masochistic, it's posted on this page). While I still have an insane amount of work to do, I can't pass on mentioning that freakin Chuck Norris is going to have a bridge named after him. In Hungary. Really, I don't see how Jack Bauer can let this stand.

Other news since I last posted (which readers of this blog know, but not with hyperlinks!), my mom died, my brother got married, and my chapter in a textbook on cognitive radio was published.


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