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Friday, June 09, 2006


Breaking the silence

It has rather been a while since anyone wrote to this blog, so I figured it is time I wrote something. I can only update for me and Jody ofcourse, don't know what is going on with the others.

Apparently for V-Day jody gave up blogging, or more truth be said, we have rather been busy. I thought the busy weekends would end with the completion of the basement, obviously I was wrong. Following the basement came the episode of Jody's mother becoming fatally sick and with the end of her life came the begining of Jody's brother David's married life. I would never wish a weddding following a funeral on anyone, it was pure nuts. After multiple trips per week to Knoxville, we are finally having some true weekends. Work is busy for Jody and me. But other than that life is good. Figured I gave our dear friends an update, I am fulfilling my duty of being a wife by ensuring Jody sticks to his plans of finishing his phd this summer. I imagine he will remember the existence of his blog once he has turned in his dissertation. I will keep things updated.


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