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Friday, February 17, 2006


Helen Thomas Mauls Hugh Hewitt

I've always thought Hewitt was second only to PowerLine when it comes to semi-insane apologia for the President. But he may be moving up to first place after this interview with Helen Thomas. It's incredibly unpleasant to listen to, but there's a transcript (and audio file) here. Hewitt has fifteen minutes with a woman who has served in the White House Press Corps since the Kennedy administration. It appears that he told her they would be discussing the Vice President's office handling of the press during the shooting incident. But he almost immediately changes the subject to whether she "likes" George W. Bush, and he won't get off that line of questioning, even after it's clear that Thomas isn't going to answer. Not because she thinks her personal views would in some way damage her reporting, but because she thinks the whole thing is stupid and professionally insulting. A few of the better exchanges:
HH: And you guys took out Nixon, didn't you?

HT: What do you mean?

HH: I mean, you got rid of Nixon.

HT: He took out...he took out himself.

HH: Oh, come on. Woodward and Bernstein helped, didn't they?

HT: Every reporter helped to find out the truth.

HH: Right.

HT: Are you against that?

HH: No, I'm just...

HT: Who are you?

HH: I...

HT: Who am I talking to?

HH: Hugh Hewitt.

HT: Am I talking to a journalist?
And it just gets harsher from there. Hewitt has the right to ask any questions he wants, but it's nice to see someone question the idea that his show is anything but spin, or that he invites liberal guests on for anything but an ambush.


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