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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Concerned Alumni of Princeton

I'm not a fan of Sam Alito, and if I were a senator I'd vote against his confirmation in a heartbeat. I see nothing that would indicate that he's going to do anything but rubber stamp further expansion of the executive branch (in fact, he's much worse than Roberts on this). Anyway, I wanted to pass along an explanation at Obsidian Wings of what, exactly, Concerned Alumni of Princeton was for and about. He makes a convincing article that CAP was formed in direct response to the admission of women and minorities to Princeton (including the information that Princeton was the Ivy League school of choice for southerners because of their very, very limited admission of blacks). Anyway, I don't think Alito's membership in CAP is as big an issue as, say, Klan membership or something, but it's worth having some background on what the group was about.

Williams, by the way, has its own crazy alumni, but they've more or less given up on fighting coeducation. Their big issue is bringing back fraternities, which were done away with there in the 50s.


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