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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Polyscifi Fantasy Results

A few different polyscifi fantasy leagues wrapped up this weekend. Here's the results:

Fantasy Football (with some 12 entrants)
1. Jacque's Straps (Jody Neel)
2. Giant Fezziks (David Neel)
3. The Nanothinkers (Roger Craig)

Reverse Fantasy Football (with some 8 entrants)
1. Fightin Illini (Michael Parks)
2. SeriousDarkHelmet (Brandon #1)
3. Rush Interference (Thason Jweatt)

NBA Survival League 1(New league to start on Sunday)
1. Jody
2. Thason (Incorrect Pick: LA over DC Dec 26), Spakkadi (Incorrect Pick: Memphis over Utah Dec 26)
4. Mike M. (Incorrect Pick: Denver over Atlanta, Dec 18)


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