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Thursday, December 15, 2005


NBA Survival League Announcement

As I seem to have a little free time (papers and interviews are looming though, so we'll see how long this holds up), I thought I would go ahead and start the polyscifi NBA survival league.

In general, a survival league works as follows.
a) Each "turn", the remaining players choose a team that they think will win a particular game during that turn from among the teams they have not yet chosen to win.
b) If a player's team loses, then that player is eliminated.
c) If a player's team wins, then that player is among the pool of players that returns to step a) for the next turn.
d) Play continues until a single player is left. In the event that all remaining players are simultaneously eliminated, we'll just call everyone a loser.
For the purposes of the polyscifi league, we'll have a NBA based league with two turns a week, occuring on Sundays and Wednesdays. You can pick a winner for any game on that day or the next (i.e., Sunday and Monday for Sunday; Wednesday and Thursday for Wednesday) assuming you haven't picked that team before.

As I don't know of any free site that supports a NBA survival league (or for that matter a pay league), we'll run it on polyscifi. To facilitate the entries, I'll make a sticky post at least the day before (Saturday, Tuesday) that stays at the top of the page until at least 12:00 AM EDT on the turn day (Sunday or Wednesday). If you're interested in playing leave a comment in the post with your pick (winner, loser & game time).

No prizes, just pride on the line, by which I mean a bunch of lions which you'll have to travel to Africa and bag yourself. If you lose out quickly, don't worry as we'll start up another survival league at the end of each survival league - which tends to come quickly as after the the first few turns, it becomes little more than a crap shoot (Do I pick Atlanta or Toronto?... hmmm....).


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