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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


MSM Bias Watch

Just noticed Wonkette pointing out some surprisingly good news from Iraq; news the liberal mainstream media doesn't want you to hear because it casts a positive light on Bush. Here's the story. Although Iraq's still a mess and American casualties mount, there is a silver lining: the United States is building one hell of a Paralympics team. Money quote:
The unprecedented number of troops who are returning from Iraq with missing limbs has given the US Paralympic Team an unexpected recruitment boost and the chance to become “unbeatable” at the next Games in Beijing in 2008. More than 60 potential recruits have already been identified in sports as varied as powerlifting, archery and table tennis.
(And yes, I think the Paralympics are great, and yes, I know that the reason we have so many amputees is because doctors are able to save the lives of soldiers who would have died in earlier wars). On a similarly morbid note, did anyone see Homecoming? I haven't tracked down a copy yet but it sounds just about perfect. Joe Dante may be the most underrated director in Hollywood (check out Matinee, for instance).


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