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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Tennessee Football

Tennessee's offense has been pretty lackluster this season - UT is ranked in the 85th in offensive yards per game and for that matter is 3rd in the state in offensive production (UT, better than MTSU!). For the last several years appears to have been "We'll out-athlete the competition." Now, Fulmer is real good about bringing in the athletes so sometimes the offense looks good, but sometimes the other side has good athletes too (particularly in the SEC) so UT can't just run over the competition.

Of course, when Cutcliffe was the offensive coordinator, Tennessee was consistently a top 10 offense. Of course when you have good play calling/design and good athletes that's what happens. Fortunately for Tennessee, they do have an excellent defensive coordinator, so the defense has been keeping Tennessee in games for several years now.

Based on the success of FireRonZook.com, some enterprising fans have started FireRandySanders.com (Randy Sanders is UT's offensive coordinator) which features an amusing rewrite of Rocky Top that concludes with:
3rd and long and let's call a shovel pass,
'Cause Sanders has doo-doo for brains.
That's why Rocky Top is ranked near last,
In scoring and offensive gains.

Rocky Top, you'll always be,
Home Sweet Home to me.
Good ol' Rocky Top,
The SEC's number three.
Of course this is not to overlook UT's lousy special teams play which has resulted in several botched punts and field goals, muffed catches and amazingly low return yardage. However, the special teams coach (Caldwell) also coaches Tennessee's defensive ends which have been pretty good. So rather than firing Caldwell, maybe someone new should be brought in for special teams like this former graduate assistant who has an outstanding special teams pedigree.


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