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Thursday, October 20, 2005


Random economics related links

In a small step towards regaining personal responsibilty, the House passed legislation ("The Cheeseburger Bill") barring obesity lawsuits against food manufacturers. Defective product lawsuits, i.e., "Waiter, there's a finger in my chili" and "mmmm... botulism", are not barred, but lawsuits like "Help! I can't stop eating this tasty slurm!" or "Tastes Great, More Filling" are barred. The question remains if the Senate will also pass the bill.

Don Lloyd has a two word solution to the obesity crisis: Univeral Foodcare. He also has an interesting thought experiment: gas cards.

I just found out that Jimmy Duncan (my Congressman when I lived in Knoxville who, among other interactions, attended my Eagle Scout ceremony) is a co-sponsor of the Fair Tax bill. I wonder if my other former Congressman (Boucher) and current Congressman (Goode) will join in.

This is quasi economics related (and definitely regulatory) but is bad news . The Coburn amendment to move pork to Katrina failed.


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