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Monday, October 10, 2005


Phone Scam?

I just got a phone call from someone representing NDI or NVI or something like that reportedly representing disabled veterans in Virginia and seeking a donation. I'm actually pretty amenable to donating money to charities, but I had never heard of the group before.

So, I asked for a website (even before he got into his spiel) so I could check up on them. He gave me a song and dance about not being able to afford a website (I'm assuming they'ves never heard of blogger) because of the overhead associated with last year's donation drive (not a good sign).

His spiel continued into saying that they'll mail me stuff (decals and whatnot) if I would promise to make a donation now. I told him I generally am not interested in the decals (other than when I make them myself, like this one - which I thought I had posted previously and is well worth a click), so I could save his organization some money if he would give me a mailing address so I could mail in a donation. At which point, he hung up.

So I'm currently of the strong suspicion that there's a phone scam going on. Or am I wrong? Does such a legitimate organization exist and are they currently making a funding drive?


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