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Monday, October 17, 2005


Georgia Embarasses America Again!

I don't believe in voter fraud. I think everyone should probably have some form of identification, whether they drive or not. But if you're going to require a form of ID, you need to make sure you can issue those IDs to the people who'll need them. Georgia recently decided to require a state-issued ID in order to vote. For most people, this means their driver's license, which they've already got. But if you don't drive, you now have to buy a state ID card for about $20. Which is, in effect, a poll tax, but not necessarily the worst thing in the world; I would oppose it on principle, but I wouldn't be appalled. Except: there are only 58 locations in the state where you can buy one of these cards. Guess how many of them are in the city of Atlanta, where you're most likely to find people who don't drive? Zero. Of course, if you live in Atlanta and don't have a license, surely it is no burden for you to drve to some place where you can buy a state ID, on a weekday, right?

Georgia's law isn't about making voter fraud more difficult. It's about making voting more difficult, the poorer and blacker you are. Georgia should have given up on this kind of bullshit in the sixties.


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