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Sunday, October 09, 2005


Can't dance? Maybe it's genetic.

Although if you are really lacking the rhythm gene, you may have bigger problems (story):

University of Utah biologists found a gene that controls rhythmic events in a worm's life: swallowing food, laying eggs and pooping.

If the gene is disabled, the worms can't swallow, so they die. If the gene is partly restored so the worms can swallow, they have trouble reproducing and get constipated.

I don't dance that well, but I do have pretty decent rhythm and I don't get constipated (rather, I get the opposite problem).

While it could be the result of a weakly expressed rhythm gene, another obvious explanation is that I'm not a worm.

So questions for polyscifi's vermian readers: a) Do you have rhythm? b) How's reproduction working out? c) How are your bowel movements? d) Or is this post just too much for you to swallow?


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