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Friday, September 16, 2005


Nintendo Revolution Controller Finally Unveiled

Nintendo has finally let out the details on their super-top-secret controller for their next-gen system, the Nintendo Revolution. Here's IGN's take. It sounds like it really will be something quite different from other systems; the controller is motion-sensitive and tracks movement through three dimensions. The example everyone keeps giving is swinging the controller when your character swings a sword; this would certainly make lightsaber duels more intuitive. It remains to be seen how well software developers will use the technology, but I'd love to see a two-controller version of Konami's MoCap boxing. Why? Cause that game is awesome. Anyway, I think the Revolution will probably manage to stay out of the XBox 360/PS3 battle and be its own thing; whether that thing sells well, who knows. I always thought the GameCube was a much better system than the PS2, but it tragically didn't play DVDs, and Nintendo shot themselves in the foot by only selling the component video cables via mail-order. Perhaps they've got it right this time.


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