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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Looter Shooter

There's an interesting discussion going on at the Volokh conspiracy about (roughly) whether it's responsible to encourage New Orleans residents to shoot looters on sight. I think the answer to this is pretty obvious, and I can't believe David Kopel believes that encouraging people to start shooting is going to be at all helpful. So I guess I shouldn't say that the discussion is interesting, so much as on the one hand predictable and on the other hand jaw-droppingly naive. Anyway, my point was that one of the comments on this made me laugh:
Kopel's position takes the position that the basic non-looting New Orleanian is intelligent, even omniscient. He suggests that they assess whether a person is a looter, whether that looting is or is not a necessity, and then shoot the latter category.

My experience is that the basic non-looting New Orleanian is not omniscient and is, in fact, probably drunk.
Mine too. I've been in cities where people drink and drive regularly, but New Orleans is the only city I've been to where I've seen more than one person drinking from stemware while driving.


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