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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I will even give you a new set of white sidewall tires...

One of the better things about The Incredibles was that it tried, in 3-D, to capture some of the expressionistic features of traditional cel animation--just look at the way Jack-Jack's body distorts when he's running. But there's imitation, and then there's the real thing. Here's one of Tex Avery's best efforts for MGM, 1943's Red Hot Riding Hood. Check out the way the wolf's entire head contorts during Red's nightclub act. Also: whatever happened to cartoon characters that embody the id the way the wolf does? There's Stitch, but he's pretty desexualized. The last original character I can remember who was like this was Baby Herman (also the last completely 40's style expressionistic animation I can remember), and he was created in the late 70s. I think animation is probably better for losing the "unattractive dowager desparate to make out with our hero" stock character, but I like the wolf! Bring him back! And while you're at it, bring back cartoons with morbid endings! You've destroyed animation for everyone!

OK, calming down now. Anyway, watch the cartoon, I think you'll like it.

(By the way, the sidewall tires the Wolf promises Red are a reference to wartime rubber rationing).


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