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Thursday, September 22, 2005


Don't Tax and Spend Conservatism

Rob Corddry got the President dead to rights on the Daily Show yesterday:
JON STEWART: Rob, two hundred billion dollar spending proposal to rebuild the Gulf Coast, a massive nation building effort in Iraq...uh, the President is supposedly an avowed conservative, how do you reconcile the disparity?

Rob Corddry: Well Jon, the only disparity here is the one between intelligence and you. Everything the president is doing is perfectly in keeping with the conservative ideal of limited government.

JON STEWART: How is what the president is doing "limited government?"

ROB CORDDRY: This president believes government should be limited not in size, Jon, but in effectiveness. Now in terms of effectiveness, this is the most limited administration we've ever had.
You can watch the clip here, by clicking on "Faith-Based Accounting."


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