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Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Still busy

I've promised the blog a couple of posts that I haven't gotten to yet but will this week.

In the interim, I've been preparing for my prelim tomorrow and was busy wiring my basement this weekend (which was enough fun that I'm thinking of getting licensed and doing some electrician work on weekends).

For those who have a desire to see how game theory and wireless (particularly cognitive radios) fit together, I'll post a link to the slides from the prelim tomorrow. Unfortunately, I can't post the prelim report as most of that document will appear in a textbook on cognitive radio due out this winter or early spring and I don't want to violate copyrights. (I only wrote a chapter, not the whole book).

In the mean time, if you really have a burning desire to see how game theory and cognitive radios fit together, I had an article published in this week's EE Times. As a little background to the article, the EE Times was doing a feature on my advisor and they asked for figures illustrative of our research. I submitted a brief writeup of a diagram of a "cognitive radio game" which the EE Times liked enough that they asked me to turn it into a "Tip of the Week" (a brief article that gives you a pointer on something that might be useful in EE work).

If I may kvetch a little (this is a blog - and what would blogs be without kvetching?), I'm used to conference/journal publications where the author has the last say on wording and figures, but I guess the EE Times works more like a newspaper as that's that's not my lead-in sentence and I submitted a different graphic.

If you're curious, the original lead-in was: "The focus of an emerging field of research in wireless communications, a cognitive radio is a radio that can learn about and adapt to its environment." and the original graphic was this. Read the article to see how those got edited.


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