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Friday, August 12, 2005


Obituary Madness

Jack Shafer takes a brief break from complaining about meth mouth coverage to make a passionate case for hiring book reviewers with an axe to grind. And that's good, but better still is this obituary from 2002 he links to, for Graham Mason, a middling journalist but an exceptional drunk. I think struggling newspapers should get on the arch obituary train and fast; I'd subscribe to a newspaper if it had obituaries like this in it every morning. The first sentence is also the best:
GRAHAM MASON, the journalist who has died aged 59, was in the 1980s the drunkest man in the Coach and Horses, the pub in Soho where, in the half century after the Second World War, a tragicomedy was played out nightly by its regulars.
Read the whole thing.


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