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Wednesday, August 10, 2005


More DoD Weirdness

Tell me there's something more to this story than there seems. Are we firing 4 star generals for adultery? Was he sleeping with a student? With a man? Whatever this was, I'm hoping the DoD didn't let Kevin Byrnes go three months before retirement hoping to avoid a scandal, because if there's anything scandalous about what Byrnes was up to it's sure to be a big PR mess now. Here's the public line, which seems so mind-bogglingly stupid that it might be true:
The Army has been hurt over the past year by detainee-abuse cases and has been accused of not going after top officers allegedly involved in such abuse. Army officials said relieving Byrnes was meant to show the public that the service takes issues of integrity seriously.
I was worried that the Army wasn't taking charges of torture seriously, but now that I know they're taking a hard line against adultery, my qualms are all gone. Seriously, if Byrnes was good at his job (supervising most if not all Army training, to judge from the article), I couldn't possibly care less who he's sleeping with (usual disclaimers about consenting adults apply, of course).


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