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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Flash Earth

OK. Something new to play:
  1. Pretend you're a martian looking to crash-land somewhere specific on earth.
  2. Pick an address where you used to live, or that's otherwise significant to you.
  3. Go to this site.
  4. Find the house or building you chose without using any labels or other reference materials. You lose points if you have to zoom out to readjust.
I found my dorms at Williams in short order, and the Chinese Theater, and Neyland Stadium (where you can clearly see the yard lines). Other locations in Knoxville were difficult to find because it's been so long since I've been there and the geography of the place is on such a large scale compared to Los Angeles (because you can actually make decent time driving from one place to another there). Anyway, anything on a university campus is pretty easy to find because they tend to have distinctive architecture and a lot of green space.

Also, a question. I noticed that the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles has its name embedded into the watermark in the Google Maps at the highest possible zoom. Do other landmarks in Google Maps share this quality? Nothing else I could see in Los Angeles seemed to be labeled.


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