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Thursday, August 18, 2005


Don't let her touch your wand, Jim!

You might remember Jody's post about the curious fondness that pedophiles seem to have for Star Trek. Today Ellen Ladowsky offers something of an explanation. I don't know if it entirely explains the link, but she certainly makes a persuasive case that the original Star Trek has some pretty bizzare sexual politics. Money quote:
On the Enterprise, aggressive impulses aren't battling it out with libidinal ones as they are here on earth. In the Star Trek universe, every "bad" impulse is attributed to an external force. When it comes to sex, for example, it's always an outside influence that takes possession of the crew's minds and bodies, causing them to behave in erotically driven ways. Child molesters have a similar mechanism at work. They deny having any sexual impulses themselves; they frequently claim that it was the children who seduced them.
I was never much of a fan of the show, but I'd be interested in hearing from people who are: how convincing is Ladowsky's argument? And can a similar case be made for the later versions of the show?


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