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Friday, July 01, 2005



As Thason notes below, there's a vacancy on the Court.

But that's not the only nomination game in town. According to the Weekly World News, Bush is also looking to nominate Yoda to be Tom Ridge's replacement as Homeland Security Chief:
Yoda may not look like much on the outside," the commander in chief told a stunned White House press corps. "But the little guy is one heck of a warrior.

"Anybody with half a brain can see he's the perfect choice."

Bush noted that he was also impressed with the fact that Yoda is pint-size.

"I'll tower over him at press conferences -- which is important since I'm the president," he added.

On the face of it, the 894-year-old Yoda, a member of an undisclosed alien species, would seem like a good replacement for outgoing Homeland Security boss Tom Ridge.

Like Ridge, Yoda doesn't have a neck.

Also, Yoda is a master of The Force and has trained some of the top Jedi knights in the Star Wars galaxy, including Obi-Wan- Kenobi, Mace Windu, Qui-Gon- Jinn, Luke Skywalker and even Darth Vader, who turned evil. 1
Oddly, the current Homeland Security Secretary- Michael Chertoff - wasn't available for comment.

However, Yoda was. But Yoda only wished to comment on O'Connor's resignation:
"Begun, this Court War has."
1. Yes, I know Yoda wasn't the master for any of those Jedi other than Luke. But hey, it's the WWN who also ignored the fact that Chertoff had been confirmed to the post some four months prior.


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