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Friday, June 17, 2005


Single Link Roundup!

Like Jody, I'm busy working on other projects this week, and thus haven't been posting. I only have one link to pass on, but I promise it's worth your time; here's a Daily Show clip featuring a lengthy editorial about Godwin's Law (the editorial starts a little ways in; the summary of the clip isn't correct, although there's some funny stuff of Frist, Bush and Sesenbrenner being wrong, a condescending jerk, and an asshole, respectively). And Bush being a prick. Anyway, the clip has the most concise collection of recent Godwin's Law violations I've ever seen. Money quote:
To sum up: please stop calling people "Hitler" when you disagree with them. It demeans you, it demeans your opponent, and, to be honest, it demeans Hitler. That guy worked too many years, too hard, to be that evil, to have any Tom, Dick, and Harry come along and say, "Hey, you're being Hitler." NO. You know who was Hitler? Hitler.
I bet Bill Frist disagrees with that statement. What a Nazi.


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