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Friday, June 24, 2005


Leaving Las Vegas

So I continue to be incredibly busy but have two things to report:

1. I took a little trip to Las Vegas last weekend and have two tips. First, the new hotel at Mandelay Bay is really the ideal place to stay; it's quiet, there's no casino in the lobby, the rooms are very nice, and did I mention it's quiet? My past hotel experiences in LV have all been sort of crappy, just places to pass out after a night out. There's really something to be said for having a room to chill out in when the overstimulation of the casinos and bars gets to be too much. I'm definitely staying there next time. Second, you should tip your dealers and waitresses well; you'll have more fun. And you'll have way more fun if you tip well at the Casino Royale, because nobody, and I mean nobody, tips there. My friend Adam and I were playing craps there ($2 minimum, 100x odds!) and were the only ones tipping. So the stickman, who looked like he hated every second of his life, kept pointing at us before every roll and saying "I wish good luck to you two gentlemen," and then giving the rest of the table a baleful glare. That, and after giving the cocktail watress a $5 chip, she kept us well stocked with drinks the rest of the night, and refused to take any more tips. I didn't really know how to react to that, I've never seen anyone in that city ever turn down money. So if you can deal with playing in a seedy casino, you can be treated like a whale there for very little money. Anyway, it was a blast.

2. Tuesday night I saw Wedding Crashers for the first time on film (I'd seen a rough cut and lots of the dailies on video). If that's not the movie of the summer, I'll eat my hat. It's a perfect comedy. No more about it until it's out, except to say that for me the biggest surprise is Isla Fisher's performance; she's a really great comic actress. Which wouldn't have been as much of a surprise if I'd known she was engaged to Sacha Baron Cohen. July 15th, ladies and gentlemen; clear your calendars.


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