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Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Hopefully my only link to Powerline.

Powerline had a post yesterday that features my favorite freeway sign; the "crazy Mexicans sprinting across the highway" warning that's all up and down I-5.

This sign has always given me almost unlimited delight, so I was disappointed that they weren't thrilled by it. I'm not really sure what sort of sign they would prefer; it's the least-abstracted, least pleasant looking group of people ever pictured on an official freeway sign. Perhaps a sombrero on the gentleman?

And as they noted in an update, these signs have been around for years; I first saw one in 2000 on my first drive to Mexico, and for all I know they've been there years longer than that. In fact, there's a Mexican restaurant called Abuelita's in Topanga Canyon that uses this as their logo (only on their road signs, unfortunately, not on their website). If you're driving up the PCH, the Topanga Canyon turn off is marked by that sign, with an arrow, and CAUTION changed to something like "This Way For Great Mexican Food!" I always loved the idea that the parents were dragging their child to get Mexican food. Anyway, I'd like to propose a new law, the Ironic Repurposing Moral Outrage Act of 2005: Once an image is familiar enough to be reused in an ad, it's too late to be pissed off by it.


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