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Saturday, June 18, 2005


Future Force Warrior

Partly based on some work performed at Tech (I'm not involved in this project, but I know some people who are), comes this army press release:

The Army showcased its Future Force Warrior system, the latest in war-fighting technology, at Soldier Modernization Day on Capitol Hill June 16.


“The result is a single integrated combat system that enhances Soldier performance in all critical areas: increased effectiveness, decreased load and improved mission flexibility and enables continuous upgrades. By managing the Soldier as a system, Program Executive Office Soldier will save Soldiers’ lives, improve their quality of life and increase their combat effectiveness,” Moran said.

The uniforms, which are designed to increase lethality and survivability, will lighten the Soldier’s load from approximately 100 pounds, currently carried by combat Soldiers, Moran said, to 45 pounds.
Though not shown in the article, the "crack" staff at polyscifi has managed to locate this image of the suit worn by one of our new Rasta marines.


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