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Saturday, June 18, 2005


e-Bay Seller goes the extra mile.

I've sold things over the internet, and usually I try to make sure my buyer is happy. You know, send the item on time, double-check the shipping address, and so on. But I never thought of enclosing a MYSTERY BONUS GIFT the way this guy has. It seems that eBay shut down his auction of his cancelled "F DUBYA" Washington State license plate (I can understand why eBay wouldn't want to be a black market for recent license plates; though I'd like to have an extra pair for the occasional high-speed freeway chase). So the guy can't sell his license plate. But he can sell a photo of the plate, along with a MYSTERY BONUS GIFT. Bidding is currently up to $450. I guess people must really want that photo...

H/T Wonkette.


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