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Saturday, June 11, 2005


Book Meme

Earlier this week, I was "tagged" by Kunal of Ceteris Paribus to participate in the book meme. I just finished a big report, and don't yet feel like starting my next project (I guess later this afternoon) so I figure now would be the time to join in the fun.

Total Number of Books I own: Around 500. The approximate breakdown is the following:
100 or so paperback scifi books,
maybe 75 or so triviaish/reference books (almanacs, history collections, philosophy, economics...)
Maybe 200 or so technical books (mostly electrical engineering)
About 100 kids books mostly at my parents' house
About 50 "other" books (e.g., "The gas you pass", "Sex for dummies", and random fiction)

Last book I bought: Does a book of crossword puzzles count? I got one of those about a week ago.

Last book I read: On my trip to Korea, I read the Selfish Gene and The Wisdom of Crowds.

Five books that mean a lot to me: I've read a bunch of books I've liked, but I have a hard time identifying any books that have much meaning for me. I primarily treat books as either sources of information or sources of entertainment. The only book that I can think of as having a lot of meaning to me is the Bible (not that I read it as much as I should) because I can ascribe a lot of my morals and outlook on life to the Bible. I mean Catch-22 was cool and all, but it's not like I've taken up alfalfa farming or joined the airforce.

Tag five people and have them do this on their blogs:
I'm feeling lazy. If you're interested in participating in the book meme, leave a trackback.


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