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Monday, May 30, 2005


My thoughts on the French "Non" Vote

Started with the best of intentions (unleashing the effects of the market on the continent of Europeby creating one US-like continental sized market), the EU has developed into an over-regulated, protectionist, bureaucratic nightmare. As such the EU is in desparate need of a "reboot", and the French "Non" vote provides the opportunity to start over (starting over is no disgrace - the US did it when we decided the Articles of Confederation weren't working out).

However, the French "Non" vote appears to be largely premised on the French belief that the EU was insufficiently regulated, protectionist, and bureaucratic. * As it's hard to envision a EU without France, the French concerns will probably be addressed in a future Constitution.

So I fear that yesterday's vote signals that Europe - if this is even possible - will become more regulated, protectionist, and bureaucratic....

* The rest of the Non vote can largely be explained as expression of the sentiment that "Chirac sucks" - a sentiment to which I'm rather sympathetic.


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