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Thursday, May 26, 2005


Full Disclosure

In the comments to this post on Volokh.com (the post is about an online essay-writing service called Professays), there's a link to this excellent article by Gene Weingarten from 2000, which details his attempts to buy a diploma online. His boss agreed that the Washington Post would pay for such a diploma, but required him to tell them that he was a writer for the Post. Here's how he did it; in one of his letters he, apropos of nothing, decided to include an autobiography.
Underneath, I have written a more lenthy summary of my life. I urge you to take the time to read it.


The fact is, when I was born in October 1951 it was raining and I think that explains a lot of who I am and who I became. I believe there is always rain in life but you have to stick out your tongue and catch the raindropes and taste the wetness. Basically, I am an optomist. I believe very much in not dissapointing yourself.
[Paragraphs of unreadable prose follow]
Clocks, as you are seeing here, are very complicated, like this letter which is roundabouts trying to tell you I write for the Washington Post, which is a big newspaper in Washington, and I am going to write about you so be careful, but that is a whole nother story too! [Emphasis Mine]
[More paragraphs of semi-coherent autobiography]

Read the whole thing.


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