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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Family Guy Reminder

It's 20 minutes until Family Guy on Fox (9:00 Eastern). I'll add some thoughts about the show after the episode...

Ok, I'm live blogging it. (Spoilers ahead if you live on the West Coast)

That opening sequence was pretty sweet, but no one tell Jacqueline. Along the lines of Peter saying: "I've got bad news. We've been cancelled. Fox just had better shows to put on than Family Guy." Then Peter went on to list every Fox bomb over the last 4 years (there's been quite a few)

Stay away from that Beyond section...

I could hook up this car battery to my nipples. Is this doing it for you?

Honeymooners gag rocked. Every joke has hit so far.

"What good is mining nose gold if you can't share it with the townspeople?"

Segment 2:
"And now back to 2 and a half guys..."

That Pinnochio bit was SOOOO wrong....

Liked the GI Joe bit...

"Almost... Almost.... Almost... Almost.... There you go..."

Wrapup thoughts
Pretty good. Though umm I thought Peter was a Catholic and I understand now how American Dad fits into Seth McFarlane's universe.


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