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Friday, May 20, 2005


The Comas make Screenhead

Screenhead today has a link to the video for "Invisible Drugs" by the Comas. If you're from Knoxville, and specifically from Farragut High School, you may remember Comas frontman Andy Herod as the bass player for Dim Kitchen. Anyway, the video's pretty decent; I've been meaning to recommend their new album, "Conductor," for a while. It's excellent; if you get one song from it, go for "The Last Transmission," which is sci-fi space rock at its finest. Sample lyric:
At this time, sirs, I recommend that we move to phase three
Exterminate them all for the glory of our interstellar queen.
Attack, attack.
They will not fight you.
They are not like you.
We have already won.
That "sirs" is an excellent touch.


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