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Thursday, April 07, 2005


Super Pope!

Via email from my brother comes El Increible HomoPater!!
Pope John Paul II is being reborn in a Colombian comic book as a superhero battling evil with an anti-Devil cape and special chastity pants...

Like any self-respecting superhero, the Incredible Popeman has a battery of special equipment. Along with his yellow cape and green chastity pants, the muscular super-pontiff wields a faith staff with a cross on top and carries holy water and communion wine.

In the comic book, the pope dies and is reborn with superpowers beyond the infallibility Catholic doctrine gave him on Earth.
Twas rather hard digging up more information on HomoPater, though I did find the home page of the artist - Rodolpho Leon Sanchez and the following pair of images.

(yahoo slideshow)

(R. Leon sketches)


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